Additional Chapter Member

If you have purchased a basic membership in Palatines to America, your membership included our National Society and one chapter of your choice. If you would like to purchase additional chapter memberships, please go through the items in this category and pick the additional chapters in which you wish to be a membership.

Annual Dues for Additional Chapters

Individual $8 per additional chapter
Family $8 per additional chapter
Canada or Mexico $9 per additional chapter
Other Countries $13 per additional chapter

Make sure to pick the chapter from the correct category in the drop down box. Domestic would be for anyone with an United States address. Mexico/Canada includes anyone living in those countries. Other countries includes anyone living in countries not mentioned above. Individual pricing is included for each choice and will be added to your basic membership at checkout. Make sure that the correct chapter choice is showing in the dropdown menu before you click add to cart. Whatever name appears in the drop down box box dictates what will be applied to the cost for that choice. Please read carefully


Shopping Cart Login

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